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    Our services include fibre rollout, data center installation, CCTV and access controls systems installation, power system installation, tower and satellite construction and installation, civil work for telecom sites, website and software development and maintenance..

Huawei Technologies Trinidad Ltd

NOC Project

Turnkey construction and decoration of 2 sites in Trinidad.

The scope of the project included the design, construction and decoration of 2 sites. GINAMCO Caribbean Ltd was responsible for the acquisition of all construction permits and approvals, architectural designs, site construction (including providing all materials, warehousing, site management), electrical system design and installation, AC system design and installation, CCTV and access control design and installation, generator purchase and installation, elevator purchase and installation.

Further, GINAMCO’s commitment to ensuring client satisfaction saw us providing additional services such the construction of a foundation base and installation of a monopole, installation of an outdoor CCTV system, troubleshooting for data center fire protection system.

About us

GINAMCO Caribbean Ltd is a private limited company incorporated in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago in 2005. Our head office is located in Sweet Briar in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Our primary business is construction and real estate. However, in 2014, the company diversified and ventured into the telecoms market.


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